In Which I Announce My Next Book

      I am thrilled to announce that Engine Books will be publishing a collection of my essays in April, 2016. THRILLLLEEEEDDDD!!!!! I have hoped there would be a place in the world for a book made up of short pieces like the ones I have shared online, pieces that are neither exclusively memoir […]

A Love Letter To My Youngest Child

  My youngest, a daughter, is graduating from high school this month. A lot of kids are – two of my own already have, and have graduated from college too. Graduations, for whatever reasons, don’t normally move me. I’m rarely caught up in the rituals that we’re told to find affecting. I’m not much of […]

ERIN STALCUP: The Next Big Thing!!

I am thrilled to be hosting the brilliant writer Erin Stalcup on my blog. I recently heard her read new work and my socks, they were blown off! Sincere thanks to Robin for hosting me on her site! She has always been so supportive of me and my work, and she also happens to be […]

Daniel Torday’s Turn: THE NEXT BIG THING

I am super happy to host Dan Today here now. . . From Dan: It was terrifically generous of one of my favorite fiction writers, the inimitable Robin Black, to tag me for one of these Next Big Thing self-interviews—what a great chance to take a step back from a work-in-progress and have a look. […]

The Next BIG Thing for CARLEN ARNETT

I had fun with The Next Big Thing Meme and am excited to host some friends, starting with my friend, poet and now proser, Carlen Arnett. And now. . . Carlen Arnett Thanks to Amy Dryansky for inviting me to participate in this writers’ chain interview, The Next Big Thing. Amy’s second book of poems, […]

Work-in-Progress Day

The wonderful author Elizabeth Mosier tells me that the also wonderful author Beth Kephart has declared this Work-in-Progress day, an occasion for posting the opening lines to your WIP. . . And you should definitely use the links above to check out their wonderful words. Here are my opening lines, the first paragraph of my […]

The Next Big Thing

There’s this great meme floating around the interwebs in which authors answer pre-existing questions about their next project then tag other authors to do the same. I was tagged by Dell Smith (Thanks, Dell!) and, after my own answers, will tag 3 more wonderful writers. And here are my responses to the questions. . . […]

Short Story Collections: A Guide for Book Groups

A Book Club Guide To Discussing Short Story Collections Why am I writing this? I’m writing this because in the year and a half since my short story collection came out, I have had some amazing experiences discussing it with book clubs but I have also been told by many other groups that they find […]