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ADD & Me

At every reading I give, at every event, at some point I mention that I have ADD, adding sometimes that I have a touch of the “H” too, though I’m far from hyperactive. But I was pretty unruly as a child, and as for impulse control. . . It’s never been great.

I am nearly fifty-three now, and it’s been a decade or so since my diagnosis, since the unknown force that kept pushing me toward failure was given a name. Like many people of my generation, I was diagnosed after going through the diagnostic process with one of my children. I read about the symptoms. I started making checklists – which I then didn’t complete, because – Ta dah! – I HAVE ADD!!!

In my case, now, it primarily affects my organizational skills. I am a disaster when it comes to mailing anything. Contracts, bills, letters. I don’t notice the piles of laundry on my bedroom floor – clean or dirty. I lose things, though I usually find them too – in the strangest places. I have discovered ways to be productive in my work, but I think if anyone were ever to see the odd stop-and-start process, the wandering from keyboard to kitchen, to the guest room – though I can’t remember why. . . Oh, maybe because I remembered a sewing project I might finish one day. . . If anyone were to watch me do that odd dance, daily, around my house, they might disagree with my use of the word productive. Or they might at least wonder how on earth. . . But then they’d have to be there for the hyper-focus days too.

I am lucky. My work works with my ADD. But I still have my many frustrations and failures. And you know, authors’ websites are often “brag pages.” We tend to talk a lot about what we are doing well. But no website that doesn’t include a place for me to share my ADD experience is really a website about me.

So I have set this space aside as a place where I can post about this part of my life. From gripes about clutter, to any hints I can share. . .

And to start, here are links to a few pieces I have written on the subject.

Stay tuned for more! (Assuming I remember to post, haven’t lost my password, and so on. . .)

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